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>> Friday, November 21, 2008

Who says weight can not be revealed? In principle, weight would be reduced, once it is a genetic factor. Genetic factors that influence obesity, has only a portion of 40 percent. As more influenced by the environment, eating patterns, lifestyle and Feed and calorie expenditure in the body.

This was off. John Casay Chandrawinata, MND SpGK. from the hospital. St. Borromeus when found on the workshop, titled 'The Fat Block Shape Your Life', on Tuesday (8 / 5). "No person can not lose weight, if it happens that there is a pattern of eating and exercise are doing," he said.

According to him, if we can reduce weight or prevent obesity, the risk will decrease disease large. About 50 percent of the disease can be decreased if we reduce the weight. Because generally someone over the age of 30 years experienced a decrease in body burning, it automatically increase the risk of obesity. While the age of 23 years to increase the weight that recommended no more than 5 kg of weight before.

John added by doctors, some of the characteristics of food that needs to be fixed so that the weight of them intact; diets that low-fat, low calorie and high fiber. Feed calories per day earn between 1,300 to 1,500 calories. "Eating breakfast regularly, not because the busy breakfast and then left. Do not forget to do sports regularly, and balanced weight periodically," he said.

In order not to upset calculate calories per day in, you can follow the example of the ideal pattern, which is recommended by doctors following John. However, this is only an example, basically we can consume any origin we know whether the food consumed adequate nutrition needs Feed or not.

For example ...

Morning: It is recommended eating porridge chicken without skin with a little cracker. Or two pieces of bread with jam and fruit thin boiled egg. And if you can also complete the milk is low in calories.

To morning snack: One-size fruit is a stew or sweet potatoes or bananas.

Lunch: white Rice mugs starfruit, plus a one-piece pepes chicken breast without the skin and a small cup vegetable acids.

Afternoon snack: chocolate banana bread content.

Night: white Rice mugs one plus one share of starfruit are rawon beef without the fat with one extra bean sprouts and fruit grilled shrimp crackers.

Night snack: a fruit or a glass of milk.


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