Obesity is a Disease

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

Many people do not understand the term "obesity". Even those who may be only the original meaning equates obesity with a body fat and they do not care. Even in the countries of Europe and the United States, obesity has become a very serious problem. And careful attention from the age of the children until school age to adults. Generally, the handling in the developed countries focus more on prevention than treatment or care.

Obesity is a disease that multy factor occur as a result of the accumulation of excessive fat tissue and can disrupt health. Obesity occurs when the size and number of fat cells increases. One big problem if people think obesity is only due to lack of self control in the appetite. Obesity has now become the most urgent health problems, both in the developed countries and developing countries. Moreover, many recognize that obesity is a problem of health problems that are difficult to overcome.

"Obesity affects our lives. No matter the age, gender, social status, economic, and ethnic," "During most of this has been wastage of time to deal with the consequences of obesity, should be directed to the cause. At this time, it was apparent that most of the doctors does not deal effectively with obesity, and many patients do not get adequate treatment to reduce weight. Then the patient must be handled following the diet is unrealistic and too strict to make the changes that may not be maintained in a long time


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