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Obesity is excess weight as a result of hoarding excess body fat.

Everyone needs some body fat to save energy, as heat insulator, absorbent shocks and other functions. The average woman has more body fat than many men. Comparison between normal body fat by weight is about 25% -30% in women and 18-23% in men. Women with more body fat from 30% and men with body fat of more than 25% are considered to obesity.

Someone who has a weight of 20% higher than the value of the middle range of normal weight is considered to obesity. Obesity is classified into 3 groups; 1) Obesity light: the excess weight of 20-40%, 2) Obesity is: excess weight 41-100%, and 3) Obesity weight: excess weight> 100%. Obesity was found weight as much as 5% of those obese.

Attention not only to the amount of fat is dumped, but also to the landfill body fat .. Patterns of distribution of body fat in men and women tend to be different. Women tend to store fat at hip and buttocks, so that gives an overview of fruits such as pear. Meanwhile, the men usually store fat around the stomach, so that gives an overview of fruits such as apples. But this is not something that is absolute, sometimes in the few men appear as pear fruit and some women appear as the fruit of apples, especially after the time off.

A fat lot buried in the stomach may be more easily experience a variety of health problems associated with obesity. They have a higher risk. Overview pear fruit is better than the picture of apple fruit.

To distinguish the second picture, have found a way to determine whether someone shaped like fruits such as apple or pear fruit, namely by calculating the ratio of waist with hip. Waist measured at the point that tight, while the waist measured at the point that largest, and waist size divided by the size hip. A woman with a waist size of 87.5 cm and 115 cm in hip size, have hip-waist ratio at 0.76. Women with a ratio of waist: hip more than 0.8 or men with a waist ratio: Hip more than 1, said apple-shaped.


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