Four of the secreet food for Muscular

>> Friday, November 21, 2008

You want more muscular body, increases virility and fat lost from the body? following a secret that food can help you realize expectations.
1. The beans, beans the content of zinc is more than other types of vegetables. This is known as the mineral elements up rate testosteron effective, even oxygen content of zinc in the bean into rival red meat.
2. Wheat, contains components called Avena sativa, which stimulate hormone testosteron to go through the flow of blood in your body.
3. Cheese, according to research Journal of Applied Physiology, men who consume the saturated fat found in animal and saturated fat not have a high rate of testosteron in the body.
4. Spinach, spinach leaves are rich in vitamin E content of the work testosterin maintain the supply of hormones in the body. but remember if you consume salads every day that the portion of spinach, too much can increase your blood pressure.


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