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>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Now there appears a new problem from the people who make too many sports! With a long period of intense exercise could cause negative effects and lost the benefit of exercise. we see the problem over training syndrome or burnout exercised a phenomenon that is where you make too many sports that cause injury and disease. This syndrome often is on the athletes or body Builders. However, of late, but also found among ordinary people. It usually starts with the obsession to achieve a particular physical target that is not realistic.

The symptoms of over training
Obsession is causing people trying to overfishing, because you want to reduce weight and aerobic classes to join five times a day, compelling body, or feel guilty if they do not practice and added training sessions in the future, and others. over training is a typical lost appetite, muscle pain too, so performance down, in the field of sports and productivity at school or work, experienced injury, depression, difficulty sleeping despite exhaustion, and even easier to hospital.

When experiencing symptoms, there is a good idea if you reduce the frequency of sessions of sport or exercise to reduce the burden barbel election as a lightweight, period sports a shorter, and so forth. When the rest need to do to restore the total body. Re-evaluation of the target to be achieved, consider what you want to achieve, plan how you will do with considerations of time, and when the need to consult a professional trainer or doctor.

The type of workout that can be done:
Our suggestion some type of workout that most important for the health body. The first is Cardiovascular Activity. This is the sport that most improve the performance of your heart. Do this type of activity three times per week, 20 minutes, for example, is swimming, cycling, fast walking, running, and skipping. Try variations in the choice of activity, other than to make the exercise more interesting and not bored, so you will not over training in a certain zone. Even if you want to do every day cardio vascular choose the activity with lower intensity and varied to rest your muscles.

Resistance Training is next. Lift barbel will help increase muscle strength, which will also increase metabolism to burn calories. Exercise also helps increase bone strength. Once again, do not do it too often, a maximum of two times a day. Large muscles such as chest and leg require 72 hours for interaction, small muscle, bicep-triceps, requires 48 hours. The third is stretching to prevent injury, help relaxation and coordination body. Make stretching before and after the workout. The last is the rest! Recovery time is very important that you body stronger and healthier.

Define the target!
Remember, you must specify the target you first. What is required of each person is different: an amateur, of course start with the tempo slow and more easily than people who are professional. Everything that is in the advanced level, starting with the count-level shape and start to make a good exercise schedule. Bottom line it is the purpose of doing exercise for physical fitness is fun!


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