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>> Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jump rope activities are aerobic, which many benefits to strengthen the heart and lungs. When we see, the movement jump ropes, especially in the many foot and leg muscles, assisted by the musculature of the hands and arms.

Let's see the jump rope exercise mechanism in the body of one of one. The main movement is "only" cavort in rhythm or repeated, for a jump rope held hands. This rope swing by hand. Each time a rope to the rotating direction under foot then we should not immediately jump to the rope caught. Movement is done by a bolt calf muscles (muscules gastroenemius), which function to tiptoe, so the jump rope is a tiptoe movement jump with a regular rhythm.

Not only the calf muscle, thigh muscle it active. In the jump rope exercise thigh muscle will hold the position of a knee slightly bent at the feet landed. In addition, there are still a number of other muscles involved, namely the pelvic musculature. Duty musculature must hold a position to remain neutral pelvis and legs also remain upright. To enforce the body properly, the pelvic musculature work under arrest vertebrae, repeated by the musculature stomach (abdominal), which concentrate in order to maintain vertical the chest and stomach.

Not only involve the muscles of the lower body, the top of it moving. As we know, the body that plays a hand strap, so the top is the dominant hand. Active hand in the rope holding the rotating movement in the wrist. In addition, there is also the arm muscles to work in the up-and-down movement of arms.

So, the actual jump rope is an activity that is quite efficient because many muscles that move the body. So, it can be said that the sport has a value of jump rope aerobic good enough.

To start a training jump rope, how to do the same when other sports activities. First of course, must do the warming, stretched, jump rope exercise cooling, and hug again.

warming-up exercise is usually the form in which all members of the body moved from the head, neck, shoulder, chest and stomach, arms, pelvis, and leg and foot. Make about five minutes or every movement made eight times.

After that gap to do all the body muscles, with a focus on the calf muscles. Gap is done with the old static about 10 seconds each one a stretched muscle.

Then make a jump rope with a slow. Beginning slowly and can be quite quick leg or slightly higher. When will end, do with the slow movement, do not immediately stop. Then do it again last stretching in the same way with the initial stretching.

Difficulties often found is that not all people can do the movement plays with the same rope movement jump. Thus, coordination of the hands and feet should be good enough.

Old man can only practice jump rope, with the requirement that he do so is normal. However, the old man who has not, it is not advisable to do so, because the ability of muscle coordination have been reduced, so that will likely drop because of a rope. People with over weight practice is not recommended to jump rope, because concussion in the foot can lead to injury.


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