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>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When we think, living conditions now make it increasingly busy with many activities. Even with the growing activities and the energy out, the more we need to also maintain the body's stamina. Because we rush, we often forget the circumstances of our own body. In addition to consuming food and beverages, healthy and nutritious, and adequate rest, of course sport is required to maintain the body's health.

A specialist knowledge of physical health and sports from the University of Arizona, Professor Daniel M. Landers said that only by mobilizing the body for 10 minutes every day many benefits that we can, for example:
- Increasing power reactions, concentration, and mental health
When we exercise, the body of pipe will be more blood, so the amount of oxygen in the blood circulation also increased, which is able to accelerate suplay blood to the brain. When the brain suplay get enough blood, the physical and mental reaction will be increased.
- Helps reduce tension or stress.
The mind will not focus on the work of affairs when we exercise. Exercise helps us to reduce nervous, so uptight feeling so lost.
- Get naturally happy feeling.
Professor Landers explained that the sports proven effective in increasing the hormone releaser feel happy in our brain, such as adrenalin, serotonin, dophamine, and endorphin, which is an anti-heart disease.

Factors, such as the cost of expensive sports and where sports is limited, often a reason that is causing us more lazy sports. Good news; if we see more, the fact there are many types of sports that do not require a lot of time, place, or the cost. Men, women, old, young; can all do this sport.

Jogging or runing
According to Professor Landers, with only light exercise such as running, (Jogging), even just walking can help prevent a decrease in body brain power working on the old woman. The long and often this activity is done, then the thought acuity will also be increasing significantly.

Jump rope
Price rope (Rope skipping) that is used is not expensive. Home or road in front of the house can be a place to jump rope.

Sports in the room
Sports simple, such as Sit-ups or push-ups during the ten to twenty times it can be a choice of sport when we do not want to leave home.

Calisthenics program that displayed several television stations in the morning we can take as a guide. Training is usually not difficult to follow immediately.

Please note, however easy sport, but if we do not have the desire, we will still feel lazy. When we have started it, we need to be diligent to exercise regularly so that the health body remained intact.

The intensity of sporting activities do not need too high, it is important that we increase the heart pacemaker. Professor Landers said that the best results will be obtained with a given body regularly for nine weeks.
So, there is no excuse not to exercise, is not it? so let's go exercise!


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