The Tips for Running

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

Want to run with full speed? Do not smoke and neglect your business, see the tips below for maximum performance in your run or Jogging

1. Choose the right shoes, do not use old shoes or shoes to run the ball, look at the special shoes to run and use it to a maximum of 600 kilometers, do not use the same shoes to run continuously, because under the sole of shoes will be quickly broken, buy a spare shoes to run and use alternates
2. Adequate rest is very important. do not impose your body to run hard every day, day interval training flee with your day of rest, so that your body has time to recover again.
3. Breathing well on the run. Breath is needed in the long run so that oxygen can meet the air cavity that you have the maximum.
4. Eat a few hours before the run, choose the slow food absorption so will your body with energy for the next several hours, before and during exercise, drink supplements such as carbo Booster that can help give you energy, but did not give the sensation of satiety excess.
5. Heating before exercise is important, do not directly run a vengeance when the exercise began, starting with the feet relax, the road quickly, trot and then run faster.
6. Do not forget the process of cooling down to prevent cramps or injury at the time after training.
7. Prepare your mental, fled need stamina, a strong and mentally strong, focus on your final destination and efforts to obtain the final results.


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