Warming up and Stretching

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

The heating and stretching is very important to be done before exercise or sport in general. Both can be useful to improve performance, prevent the risk of injury, body flex muscles, and even the prevention of diseases associated with bone (orthopedic).

Actually, there are basic differences between dab warm-up stretching. Although warming is not the same as stretching, but it can increase the mutual benefits of each. The following is an explanation warming and, according to Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, MD, an orthopedic surgeon sports medicine specialist. Dr. Nick has a degree one of the "Best Doctors in America" and "America's Top Surgeons." He train movement muscle injury and treat the athletes and trainers of professional athletes to the Olympic classes in private practice. He also became the Orthopedic Consultants in the Philadelphia 76ers basketball club and the Pennsylvania Ballet. Dr. Nick also teach the doctor and surgeon youth at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Warming up is done as preparation before exercise, sports and activities. Warming up becomes more important when your age increases, especially if you suffer injury or other orthopedic disease. The heating is usually resolved with the condition the body a little sweaty. These conditions will increase body temperature, so the network musculature your body will become more elastic and flexible and consequently can reduce the risk of injury, sprain or muscle cramps. Muscle-tendon and muscle (muscle-tendon) has viscoelasticity. Purpose is muscle and tendon you will react in different conditions of temperature, the body also different. The physical nature of muscle and tendon is very different. When the cold conditions, they easily become stiff and tense. Conversely, if the warm condition the muscle and tendon becomes more elastic rope like bungee jumping. Based on the nature, the warming up before sports or exercise is very important. The cold conditions muscle injury will be easy.

Warming up is very easy to do, so the body can become hot and sweaty. warming up can usually be done with cardiovascular or aerobic activity, such as ran in place, stationary Bike, or by jumping jacks. Once you can sweat because warming up, then your body is more ready to practice, exercise or move.

Meanwhile, stretching is very different. If that condition was mentioned that the cold muscle injury will be easier (and therefore warming up is very important), the condition of muscles or muscle groups are tense and rigid will also be easily sprained. Here the role of stretching to become important. Stretching requires maneuvers or movement that can extend or elongate with and languorous caution on the part of muscle and tendon. A very good time to do stretching after warming up is enough. You can also tense muscles of the cold conditions, but you must be careful not to sprain occurs, peregangan excessive, or even your muscle injury.

Stretching can be done safely each day and must involve all major muscle groups (main). Generally, adults have a four-point tense muscles, which can be estimated previously. Four point is the front shoulder, back the bottom, musculature knee, and calf. If you do have muscles that are interested or part of the muscle injury, it is also likely to have occurred in the muscle tension around the four-point night. One good way to improve flexibility or kelenturan, and stretching to make a movement that is fun to follow yoga class.

You need to remember that the combination between warming up and stretching is required before many sporting events. Moreover, for sports or activities that should make a sudden movement and the movement jump or throw. For example, if you will play tennis, basketball, or for which you often do sports weekend Warrior, then warming up and stretching you should do. Do not forget, is also important stretching after exercise or done after the weight of your activities. Even, for example, when you arrive at home after a tiring day move.

Depending on the type of sport or activity you, then there are some specific muscle groups that need more time stretching. For example, if you will play tennis, then you can do in the movement fled the place, or shadow Boxing jumping jacks for several minutes until you sweat a little. Then you can start simple stretching movements that focus on the muscles or muscle groups are important in tennis games such as the calf, knee, lower back, elbow, forearm and shoulder. Examples of other sports for Jogging or run. Once you make a motion to warming up a little sweat, then do the movement of stretching focus on the parts of muscles that become tense when the usual run as the calf, knee, ankle and even back down. After warming up and stretching enough, then you are ready to Jogging or run. Select the type of movement stretching can make the most of slack musculature is.


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