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>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Start a program of diet, like as start marathon fled. Without a plan and proper preparation, finish line will be difficult to achieve.
So what should be prepared when starting a diet? The most important is the mental readiness and willingness strong. Planning a diet or a diet drug the most powerful will not give results if you INTENTION to change not exist. All the people who start a diet, certainly has the desire to change, to get the body more healthy and beautiful. But whether you are ready to PATIENCE? Are you ready for DISCIPLINE?
If you have not yet feel ready mentally, strong motivation to encourage the body to move. To look slim in the wedding day, to ensure a longer life, to enhance self-confidence, is a bit of motivation to diet. The idea is to search for the right reasons to be able to run the program and diet can give your spirit when you are lost motivation and discipline.


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